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Day 1

08.10 Addis Ababa

Arrive Addis Ababa at Bole International Air Port & meet with us for transfer to the hotel. Overnight hotel

Day 2

09.10 Addis Ababa

Today you have a full day city tour in Addis Ababa. Visit the National Museum, where you see the famous fossil Lucy, who was 3.2 million years old, the Ethnographic Museum, Entoto St. Mary Museum, St .Trinity Cathedral church, and Merkato market, the largest open-air market in Africa. Overnight hotel Heyday or similar

Day 3

10.10 Drive Bahr Dar

After an early breakfast drive to the city of Bahir Dar. Passing by mt. Entoto through the sululta plain and stop at Jemmal valley for photo. Then proceed to the spectacular scenery of the Blue Nile Gorge, which has a breath taking scenery and better than the Grand Canon according to visitor. Overnight hotel Delano or similar.

Day 4

11.10 Tana Lake, Blue Nile Falla

We drive to the Blue Nile Falls, which is known locally as Tissisat (smoking water) fall: 100 m (328 ft) wide, the water plunges for 45 m (148 ft), giving rise to steam clouds and rainbows. After lunch we will have a boat trip on Lake Tana. There are 37 islands on Lake Tana and 32 of them have churches and monasteries of considerable historical and cultural interest. We visit the monastery church of Ura Kidane Mihiret, which is the best known of the monasteries and has an important collection of religious icons from the 16th to 18th centuries A.D. Overnight same hotel.

Day 5

12.10 Drive Gondar, Gondar

Note: On this day you can join the expedition (flight from Addis Ababa to Gonder).

Drive to Gonder, which is 180 kms away from Bahir Dar. Gonder was the first capital city of the Ethiopian Empire, which began in 1632 with the reign of Fasilidas. In Gonder, there are a dozen castles built by various emperors over the course of 236 years. The city seems more European than African. In the afternoon, we visit Fasilidas’ Palace, probably the most impressive of all the castles found in the area and the oldest one! We continue on to the Church of Debre Berham Selassie (Light of the Trinity). The interior of Debre Berham Selassie is decorated with beautiful frescos, cherubs and paintings. Debre Berham Selassie is rumored to once have been the proposed final resting-place of the Ark of the Covenant. Overnight hotel Kino or similar

Day 6

13.10 Start Trekking

Driving to the extraordinary and majestic Semien Mountain National Park. On this drive you will gain your first impression of the scale and beauty of this highland region. After a steep ascent onto the escarpment, a straight forward drive takes you to the first camp site called Sankaber. O/n Camping at Sankaber camp site.

Day 7

14.10 Trekking

Trek to Geech; Following the edge of the escarpment, which narrows to form a ridge at Sankaber, we now have awesome views on both sides. Descend into the Koba River valley and up the other steep side to Michotis with its view of the large waterfall where the Jin Bahir River cascades into the Geech Abyss. Continue for another half hour before descending to the river in the Abyss and ascending steeply on the other side through Geech Village to Geech camp for an overnight A.M. Overnight Camping at Geech.5-7 hours Moderate to physical type hiking. 5-7hrs. walking shoes is needed.

Day 8

15.10 Trekking

We trek 6-7 h to Chenek through giant Lobelia trees, where a lot of wildlife can be seen. After picnic lunch walk on the edge of the Enatye escarpment (4000m), which offers an other breathtaking view. Finally we descend to Chenek, the best place to see the endemic Walia Ibex and more Gelada Baboons. Overnight camping at Chenek (3600m). Moderate to physical type hiking 6-7hrs. Walking shoes is needed.

Day 9

16.10 Trekking

We walk 7-8 h to Ambiquo climbing the Buhit (4430m) peak, the 2nd highest next to Ras Dashen. After refresment at the summit we descend towards Chero Laba and cross the Mesheha River. We spend the night in Ambiquo, before the big day on Ras Dashen. Camping at Ambiquo (3200m). Moderate to physical type hiking 7-8hrs. Walking shoes is needed.

Day 10

17.10 Trekking

Pre dawn start towards mount Ras Dashen (4543m), the most challenging day of the trek. We head up the valley to the small village of Mizma, from where we climb steeply upwards, eventually reaching an impressive amphitheatre made up of three major buttresses of expanded rock. One of them is our goal, Ras Dashen. It is then an easy scramble to the summit of Ras Dashen, which is Africa’s fourth highest peak. After taking in the impressive view descend back to Ambiquo for camping. The whole round trek takes about 8?10 hours. Walking shoes is needed.

Day 11

18.10 Trekking

You walk back to Chenek passing through the side of the Bohit Mountain. Overnight is camping at Chenek campsite. (3600m) This day takes about 6 ?7 hours walk. Walking shoes is needed

Day 12

19.10 Drive Axum via Debark

Having your breakfast drive to the ancient town of Axum through the chains of the Semen Mountains and the Tekeze river valley. Overnight hotel Brana or similar

Day 13

20.10 Aksum

Today you will have a city tour in Axum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The legends narrated in the Kebre Nagast (Book of Kings) recount how the city of Axum as early as the 10th century B.C was already the city in which the Queen of Sheba resided. It is recounted that the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon brought the Ark of the Covenant to Axum and it remains there to this day, preserved in a sanctuary. Famous long before the time of Christ, Axum was the capital of the long Axumite reign, one of the oldest African empires and represented a crucial connecting-point between Africa and Asia for almost a thousand years. Visit the Granite stone Stele of Axum, The Tombs of King Kaleb and his son King G/Mesekel, The Ezana’s stone inscription, The Queen of Sheba’s palace and Swimming pool, and the Church of Zion, which is the final resting place of the True Arc of The Covenant. Overnight same hotel

Day 14

21.10 Drive Wukro

After breakfast drive to Adigrate by the Adwa Mountains. On the way visit Yeha Temple, which is more than 2500 years old and small museum in the Church compound. And then drive to Debre Damo, which is the first monastery in Ethiopia and found in 6th C by Abune Aregawi, who was one of the Nine Saints. After lunch drive to Wukro. En route, visit the 4th C rock church of Wukro Cherkos. Overnight local hotel in Wukro.

Day 15

22.10 Drive Hamed Ela

Drive to Amdella to visit the Dalol Depression, one of the lowest place in the world (116 meter below see level). Overnight camping at Amdellap

Day 16

23.10 Dallol

After breakfast drive to the Dallol depression to visit the area which seems like on other planet; The color of the area is beautiful. Overnight same Camping

Day 17

24.10 Volcano Erta Alle

Drive from Hamed Ela to Erta Alle along the desert and sandy road. Evening enjoy the active volcano of Erta Alle. Overnight camping (will camp the place called Dollo and then trek to the mountain to spend the whole night near by the Volcano which will take 3 hours by foot).

Day 18

25.10 Drive Mekele

After an early breakfast drive to Mekele. En route, visit the local people traveling from Dalol to Tigray region with their camels carrying salt. Overnight hotel.

On this day you can finish the expedition ( Flight from Mekele to Addis Ababa).

Day 19

26.10 Drive Lalibela

After an early breakfast drive to the town of Lalibela to experience the rough nature of road but nice with the beautiful scenery (gigantic, ups and downs landscape) have. Overnight Hotel in Lalibela

Day 20

27.10 Lalibela

Today you have a full day city tour in Lalibela. The city contains 11 monolithic churches that were built in the 12th century and are carved out of the pink granite rock; they have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the first and the third group of churches, which have seven rock churches. After lunch visit the second group of churches, which have four rock churches. Overnight at same hotel

Day 21

28.10 Drive Dessie

Drive to Dessie or Kombolcha through the highlands of Dilb, where you may see the endemic mammal of Gelada baboon. Along the way you will have a chance to take a picture of the beautiful hair style of the Wello people and will have a short stop at Lake Hayk, where you see colorful water birds. And then proceed to Dessie. Overnight hotel
On this day you can finish the expedition ( Flight from Lalibela to Addis Ababa).

Day 22

29.10 Drive Addis Ababa

After breakfast drive back to Addis Ababa through the tunnel of Tarma Ber, which is 580 meters. On the way, you will have a stop at Gemassa plateau, where you see the Great Rift Valley and one of the Oromo village with their people . Evening after the dinner program in one of the traditional restaurant, transfer to air port for departure. End of the tour.

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