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        Prime Minister– D/r Abiy Ahimed

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Ethiopia is the only African nation that was never colonized and the only African nation that can boast centuries of Christian tradition. A country so rich in history that Ethiopia have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Twelve in total,#1 in Africa). Ethiopia from the time of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba is a land filled with historical, cultural and natural treasures. Meanwhile, southern Ethiopia is a destination that is most unique where time has stood still. Visit the various tribal villages and nomads and be amazed at their current lifestyle, and social infrastructure that is reminiscent of bygone eras. Above all things, it is a country of great antiquity with a culture and traditions dating back more than 3,500 years. This is Ethiopia, land of origins!

History: Ethiopia and its history is the story of Africa at its inception. Archaeologists and anthropologists commonly count Ethiopia as the origin of man. In 1974 the oldest human remains ever were discovered here. The 4.4 million old bones of Homo RamidusAfarensis, were found in Ethiopia’s Afar region – the previous record was held by “Lucy” or “Dinkinish” (Amharic for “wonderful”), who at 3.2 million years was a relative youngster. Ethiopia has extensive historic sites, particularly in the north of the country, where the tourists can view buildings dating from the first millennium BC, the stelae and tombs of the Axumite kings, rock hewn churches dating from the 4th century, the monasteries of Lake Tana and the 13th century monolithic rock hewn churches of King Lalibela in Wollo. In the east, the 1000 year old city of Harrar, with its more than 99 mosques, is considered as the fourth holiest place in Islam, after Mecca, Median and Jerusalem. South of Addis Ababa there are a number of Neolithic sites, including the 1.5-1.8 million year old site at MelkaKunture (Oromia Region) and the 400 stelae at Dilla in Sidamo (Southern Region). Elsewhere in the southern region there are remote, medieval monasteries and in Jimma, in Oromia, there is the recently restored palace of Abba Jiffar, the last independent king of the area.