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Addis Ababa City Tour

Addis Ababa –  Arrival at Bole international airport or Hotel then  for check in or if you are already check in then meet with our representative and  you will have start  a city tour of the Capital city  Addis Ababa.It is established in 1886 by Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu. The main visiting attraction sites are – 

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 Entoto Mountain is the best location to observe from 3,000 meter high with the panoramic view of Addis Ababa. This place attracted Menelik II to build his capital until he was convinced by his wife Empress Taitu, to move the city to the lower parts where it is now located. On the top of this hill, stands St. Mary’s church built in 1885.


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National Museum – This museum exhibits the long history and culture of the country from prehistoric times. The 3.5 million year old skeleton of Dinkinesh (Lucy), the oldest human in the world is also, exhibited in this museum. Other attractions are archaeological findings from the Axumite period starting from 1st B.C. dating back over 2000 years. Ceremonial costumes, battle dresses and artifacts from different parts of the country are also, exhibited.



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Ethnographic Museum – with its two main sections covering local crafts and on regions and people, this museum is an ideal place to start learning about Ethiopia’s rich ethnic diversity.




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 Trinity Cathedral – was built in 1941 and it is the largest and most magnificent of all modern churches in the country; ornamented with carvings and mosaics and other artistic works. The paintings of the saints and the apostles on stained glass can be seen.




St George cathedral – Commissioned by Emperor Menelik II to commemorate his stunning 1896 defeat of the Italians in Adwa, In the grounds just north of the cathedral is the museum. It’s included on the church admission ticket, is well presented and contains probably the best collection of ecclesiastical paraphernalia in the country outside St Mary of Zion in Aksum. Items include beautiful crowns, crosses, prayer sticks, holy scrolls, ceremonial umbrellas and the coronation garb of Zewditu and Haile Selassie.



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 Merkato – Merkato is the largest open air market in Africa, covering several square miles and employing an estimated 13,000 people in 7,100 business entities. The primary merchandise passing through the Merkato is locally-grown agricultural products — most notably coffee.